A Tree is as Strong as it's Trunk... LEGS!! :)

BodyRockers!! Legs Legs Legs!!   Okay, Yes, I know women love to train legs and their butts!! (trust me ladies, men love that too haha).  I know women really look and appreciate a man with good legs and thighs as well...(I've read the comments what women write on my pictures from FB or Twitter...haha).   Now an interesting fact about legs and working the muscle Weight and resistance training are very important, no EXTREMELY important... This will reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis and arthritis. The weight training is to keep bones and joints healthy later in life. NOW an interesting fact training your legs also BURNS FAT. Yes!! You see multi-joint compound exercises, burns a higher number of calories than easier upper-body moves such as biceps curls or lateral raises. So, this leads to increased fat loss, which is also caused by the release of hormones you get when training legs. Your leg muscles are so large that this hormonal response can even help you build upper-body muscle mass. They say when you do legs, every muscle in your body gets used and helps growth and burn fat :)

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Here's your workout today for legs... Lets do 4-5 rounds of each exercise for a complete of 40 seconds per exercise. Then go to the next exercise till you have completed all four different exercises without breaks...then take a 45 sec break  (grab some water... then go back at it again for another full round... for a total of 4-5 rounds).  

Beginners: 3 Rounds

Intermediate: 4 Rounds

Advanced: 5 Rounds

40 Seconds Work - No Break Until End of Round (45 Sec Break)

  Exercise #1 REGULAR SQUATS OR SUMO SQUATS (use a weight plates in your hands or a bar over your shoulders with weights on it.... Make sure your toes are pointed to the corners to relieve the pressure of your knees... get a good deep squat at least 90% angle) Exercise #2 JUMP LUNGES (or modify it with lite dumbbell minus the jumping, if your knees are in bad shape) Exercise #3 HYDRANTS (imagine a dog peeing on the hydrant outside...lift your leg and isolate the muscle) Exercise #4 EXPLOSION DRIVE UPS... (use weight plates or even books... Something sturdy....go as fast as you can up and down like a step up but using t=our calve and lowe abdominal to help contract that muscle.      


Legseries (2 of 13) Legseries (3 of 13) Legseries (4 of 13)  

Exercise #2 JUMP LUNGES

Legseries (5 of 13)

Legseries (7 of 13)

Legseries (6 of 13)

Exercise #3 HYDRANTS

Legseries (8 of 13) Legseries (9 of 13) Legseries (10 of 13)



Legseries (11 of 13) Legseries (12 of 13) Legseries (13 of 13)

  Hope you enjoy and keep challenge yourselves BodyRockers!! Remember this is a journey ... :)   Smile & Breathe KR    

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