The Trick to Making Safe Sex Super Intimate and Smoking Hot

When you hear the term "safe sex" your mind probably doesn't go to a heated, passionate, mind-blowing, Fifty Shades of Grey worthy romp. You probably think of *shudder* your high school sex ed teacher explaining how to put a condom on over a banana. The truth is that "safe sex" can be hot, naughty, steamy, romance novel material. We dive into the dirty details of how to have scintillating sex while staying safe. Condoms 3b7a2b01498a91f17b44794065837c1e If condoms are your preferred method of birth control, or part of your protected sex package, there are definitely ways to take them from sort of a buzzkill to an electrifying experience. Those "just like skin" condoms to hear about? They are real, and they work. They are thin, and some have textures on the inside and the outside for added pleasure. Lifestyles Skyn condoms are made from polyisoprene, which is just as effective at preventing pregnancy and STDs as latex, but feels ah-mazing. Plus they don't have that slightly gross latex smell that can be bit of a mood-killer. Lube asex Whether you need a little extra lubrication or you're fine on your own, lube is still a fun addition to any sex sesh. A silicone or water based lube is best. Oil is not a safe lubricant and neither is saliva... Filling the reservoir tip (the tip of the condom) with lube gives a nice slippery for him. For you, some lubes like Durex Real Feel Pleasure Gel and Lubricant can enhance your orgasm. Experimenting with a variety of lubes totally makes for a fun and intimate evening in itself. Try as many as possible from warming to tingling to cherry flavoured to find what works for you. And don't stop there! Literally try every lube there is if physically possible. Fun Foreplay sexx Switching your routine from the basics can really have an impact on your sex life. Couples can fall into a habit of going through the motions, and while knowing what works is good, it can get pretty dull. Have a discussion with your partner before switching things up. Ask him what he wants to try that's new, and you can pitch your ideas. Give each other a hot massage with essential oils, take a bubble bath together, feed each other, bring a vibrator into the mix...explore each other's fantasies. Hot New Locations atumb Get out of the sheets for a while and try sex in new, fun places. The dining room table, the kitchen counters, the floor, the shower, the in different places can be thrilling and feel different to your body. You may discover some new hot spots you never knew you had while straddling him on the staircase. The fact is, you can still have wild and spontaneous sex that is also safe and protected. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with these tips and let us know your secrets to hot sex! Leave a comment!

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