#TrillYoga, the Newest Trend in Fitness

In the world of yoga, no pose is too small. From handstands at sunset on the beach to arm balances in forests, we love a good image of someone showing off what they've got. It inspires us and motivates us to get moving, get outside, get creative, reach new heights and try something new. But, just like any other trend in our society, there's always a new twist! The newest craze? Trill yoga, a form of yoga that seeks to promote different body types, and all skill levels in ... barely there attire. Sounds sexy and empowering, doesn't it?   "Trill Yoga doesn’t follow the rules, it makes them. It’s OK to be any body shape, to wear what you like, to listen to what you like, and realize you don’t need a fancy studio — you don’t even really need a mat," explained Claire Fountain, the 29-year-old yoga instructor behind the trend. Not only does this new trend give yogis the chance to twist and shout in their unique ways, but it promotes body confidence, and gives people everywhere the opportunity to feel like they can let loose and be who they are. Yoga isn't just for one body type or one race, it is for everyone!     Have you tried out #trillyoga yet? Source: Elite Daily    

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