True Love Bra

Japanese company Ravijour has created a bra that will only unhook when a woman feels true love. There’s just so many things I could say. I mean, what angle should I take on this? ALL OF THEM. Here are my immediate reactions:
  1. I feel like this is fake. It will end up being like the ad for The Pomegranate; the cell phone that brews coffee among other things, and this will similarly end up being an ad for Nova Scotian tourism or something completely unrelated.
  2. The only reason for me to believe that this is a real product is that it is Japanese-made. Now, I don’t want to get stereotypical, but much like with cars, if it’s Japanese or German engineered, then I don’t doubt the possibilities.
  3. This bra looks terrible, where is the support? Why does it have sequins? Will that little pink light shine through your clothes?
truelovebra4 4.True love and sexual attraction are very different. For the purposes of getting your bra off, this works fine if you want to get it on with a hottie who may be dumb as a post, or otherwise less than your soul mate. I’m just saying that their advertising is off. Although, according to them a substance called catecholamine is only secreted when you feel true love, so there’s that science. Which I guess means you can’t have sex with someone you don’t love? That’s a bit presumptuous. 5. This could potentially be a good idea, it’s like the next precaution after asking your friends to make sure you don’t go home with a skeevy guy. Yeah, this kind of works if you only think about it for a second, and in a theoretical way. 6. This video is just the worst. From the actors to the intense music, everything about this commercial is ridiculous. I think my favourite part is the incredibly scientific chart. truelovebra2 7. How do you take it off if you just want to, you know, get into jammies or whatever? Are you trapped in that bra if you never find true love? This seems like a Robin Hood Men In Tights chastity belt situation. Or would it pop open when your heart rate is excited for other reasons, say a good jog or a scary movie? truelovebra3  

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