Truly Terrifying Vintage Dinners

We may have fast food and rampant obesity in this day and age, but clearly the 50s and 60s had their own brand of unhealthiness, as evidenced by Buzzfeed’s 21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Dinners. Prepare to cringe and gag, here are a few of my favourites: Tuna and Jell-o Pie, otherwise known as Summer Salad Pie: trulyupsetting   Of course, because Tuna and Jell-o are the perfect seasonal ingredients for any summer celebration. Hot Dog Fondue: trulyupsetting2   This recipe isn’t one of the more ridiculous ones, it actually just brought back the memory of making “spider-dogs” when I was younger, by cutting the hot dog’s ends into 4 each. Oh dear. Perfection Salad: trulyupsetting3   Perfection? Really? Salad? REALLY? Frosted Ribbon Loaf: trulyupsetting4   The description is the best part – firstly, layers of egg and ham are anything but “pretty”, and furthermore LOVE that tomato rose is a fitting trim, I’m pretty sure nothing is “fitting” with this monstrosity of a meal. Atora Steak Puddings: trulyupsetting5 These are NOT dainty. They look like pure lard and I am anything but charmed. Liver Sausage Pineapple: trulyupsetting6 Because nothing says tropical fruit flavour like liver and sausage. Baked Stuffed Salmon: trulyupsetting9 Well, that actually doesn’t sound… TERRIFYING. And finally, Banana Candle: trulyupsetting7 Tee hee hee. You see it, right?  

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