The Truth behind the Catching Fire Nutrition Guide

After purchasing and using the Catching Fire Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan for the last 22 days I have decided to review it for future users. My Five Favorite Things: 1.       Portion Control Guide I enjoyed this section because even though I eat healthy, it is also important to know how much an average size portion is as to not over eat. With our country’s obsession with huge portion sizes it is important to eat the correct size portion for your body. 2.       Eating Out Eating at a restaurant is a slippery slope when you are watching what you eat because you can’t see the added calories the cooks are putting in your food. Having worked at restaurants for most of my adult life I have seen loads of salt and oil saturated even the healthiest meals. This nutrition guide let everyone know what is really happening behind the scenes at restaurants and that it’s ok to ask for “no salt” or “no oil” and substitutions. 3.       Recipes This guide included lots of recipes that were easy to make and tasty. I use a lot of the same ingredients listed in many of the recipes given so it wasn’t hard for me to transition to eating the meal plan way. I am vegan so I did modify some of the recipes as to not eat meat or fish.  4.       Master Grocery List I loved having a list of all the ingredients I would need for the week/month. Even though I modified the recipes a little from time to time, it was so convenient to open up my Catching Fire Nutritional Guide at the grocery store and get everything I needed at once. 5.       Seven Day Meal Plan This was my favorite part of the Catching Fire Nutritional Guide. I love being told exactly what to eat at certain meals and having it all mapped out for me. I struggle on a daily basis with “what should I have for lunch/dinner?” Having this 7 day Meal Plan all set for me was almost life changing. Instead of worrying about what I was going to eat I was able to focus on other things.   What I would change The only thing I would like to have improved in this guide was I wish there were more recipes. Instead of listing so much information about other things I would have enjoyed double the recipes. There were many recipes offered but I still would have liked more and maybe 14 days of meals planned out so there was that much more variety. Overall I enjoyed this Nutritional Guide and Meal Plan and will continue to turn to it in the future when I am struggling to find a healthy meal for dinner. If you want to get the most out of the 30 Day Challenge, the guide is key. Click here to get yours

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