Truth Bomb! Does 12min of Hiit REALLY work?

I recommend Hiit exercise to my clients ALL the time and have for years! The reason is super simple.  The excuse most people use for not exercising is far and away TIME!  Incorporating Hiit routines from BodyRock is a FREE and extremely effective way to leap over that issue!  Saying that, the most common question I get after the recommendation is “seriously, does 12min really work?”  It may sound ASTOUNDING for those of you who may not be "BodyRockers" yet, but the answer is indeed a resounding HELL YES! As a Nutritionist, I am pretty spot on with what I eat.  Most of the time, I likely hover a little over the 80% clean mark.  So for me, it is really not about gaining or losing weight, its about body composition.  I’m in a really comfortable place thanks to sound nutritional principles and consistent exercise over the years.  At 5’3 and 110 pounds, if I want to make noticeable changes, I REALLY have to work my little ass off!   This is true for most people already at a healthy weight.  Our body really has a “comfort” zone and to switch that up, especially when you don’t have weight to lose, is pretty challenging! There were times in the past that I would run 5km on an empty stomach 5 mornings a week just to escape the gym.  Results you ask? Not much, expect it made my butt kinda flat.  Big thumbs down for me.  Not that there is anything wrong with running.  I still do it occasionally because I love being outside and its like meditation for me.  But I’m just a “butt girl”! I’ve always prided myself on a round bum, maybe because my mom started telling me it was nice as a young child due to all the skiing I did (hint hint praise your kids). So I shut that down pretty fast and started getting deep with my squats! When I found BodyRock it was a whole new world to me!  No more hours and hours spent exercising.  Finally I was able to maintain a fitness level I felt comfortable and proud of, even with my busy schedule as a Mom and business owner! But let’s get back to the topic at hand.  Just how effective is 12min a day?  I could site studies, but I'm more about "real results"!  Therefore, to answer this pressing question. I decided to change ZERO about how I ate during the “Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge” and only follow the daily workouts WITHOUT any additional cardio or weight training. The results, you ask? I felt AMAZING!  What an accomplishment to get through the whole thing.  Plus I got noticeably leaner, my posture is better and my shoulders are more developed! IMG_0990 Fitness is a part of my life and has been for a very long time.  That's what I wish for all of you.  That you take our challenges and are so blown away by the results and how you FEEL that it drives you to continue on and make it your "normal"!  That's when you know you've really made it a lifestyle and  you can stop struggling with yo-yo dieting and deprecating self-talk.  The freedom in that alone, is nothing short of AMAZING! So there you have it!  Even someone who trains and eats clean can still make progress working out just 12 minutes a day!  Is it any wonder why I have been a huge supporter of BodyRock from the beginning?  Time really is our most precious commodity and BodyRock gives me more of it….life changing stuff!      

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