The Truth About How Many Smokers Actually Die From Smoking

This isn't exactly breaking news, or at least it shouldn't be. Smoking is a super health hazard. If those gruesome graphics on the cigarette packs and anti-smoking ads haven't deterred you to stop lighting up, then have a read at these shocking statistics.

2 out of every 3 smokers will die from smoking, according to a new Australian study. The chances of smokers dying at this rate is due to their health habits. Those who smoke more than 25 cigarettes a day are 4 times more likely to pass away prematurely than those who smoke less.

Smoking can take 10 years off your life, and lead to some horrific diseases. Cigarettes increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and lung disease. Smoke has a negative impact on every inch, every cell, every organ, every vital part of your body.

Quit now, and there is still hope. At any age, quitting can help replenish your cells and get your body back to being better.

“If you give up smoking before you hit 45, your risk of dying prematurely is similar to people who have never smoked,” says Emily Banks, Ph.D. “That doesn’t mean you’ll avoid all the negative effects of smoking, but it does mean that you’ll have avoided most of the risk of dying early.”

Quitting isn't easy, but it is literally life saving.

Have you successfully quit smoking in the past? Got advice for effective and healthy ways to quit? Let us know!

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