The Truth About What’s In Your Body Care Products

When first getting into it, most people start by questioning their diet and make the switch to cleaner, organic and hypoallergenic options, which is great! Tidying up your fridge will take you leaps and bounds towards feeling your best but what else can we do to limit our exposure to the toxins of our environment and make our body’s job a little easier? It all starts with the skin! It is our body’s largest organ and is our number one defense system against the elements of our increasingly harsh world. It is important to keep in mind that everything that touches our skin, enters the bloodstream and will need to be processed by the liver. In a recent podcast, I heard natural beauty expert, Nadine Artemis say that whatever we put on the skin is absorbed more quickly and directly than that which we’ve eaten and digested! Crazy! It's tough to wrap your brain around I know, but it’s the truth and its all the more reason to make the switch and upgrade your body care products. North Americans are exposed to toxins every day in the products they put on their skin. Why is it that we allow cancer causing, hormone-disrupting and allergy-inducing substances that have been banned or restricted in European products? Makeup: Our face is the part of us that we show the world the most and many of us paint them with hundreds of chemicals daily! I encourage you to get past the myth that natural makeup doesn’t work as well as conventional stuff. Make the switch, once I did I never looked back. Look for natural make up brands like RMS beauty, Vapour and 100% Pure, that use things like fruit pigments and mineral powders.   makeup Deodorants and Antiperspirants: Commercial products contain MANY toxic ingredients including antibacterial agents; artificial scents, talc, preservatives and aluminum just to name a few. Blocking off this major elimination channel of the body with neurotoxic chemicals is bad news for the body. deoderant Toothpaste: Commercial toothpastes contain a long list of harmful ingredients including antibacterial agents, artificial sweetners, colours and flavours, chemical foaming agents and fluoride! toothpaste Lip Chaps/ Balms: Most commercial products contain synthetic oils and waxes to create a moisture barrier and shine. Look for cancer-causing ingredients like petroleum, glycerin and mineral oil. Artificial fragrances, colours and flavour are also very common in chaps and balms as well. lip chap Lotions, Creams and Moisturizers: Creams and moisturizers are a main source of toxins in the beauty world because we rub large amounts of it directly into the skin! What is worse, is that we are usually attracted to the heavily fragranced ones. We all want to smell like a Victoria Secret model right?... Well, these products are a host of toxic additives that act as preservatives, thickeners, scents, sun protection, colour and moisture barriers. They actually dry out your skin so that you need to keep reapplying over and over again! moisturizer Take away message: Only put on your skin what you could put in your mouth.  

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