Freddy T-Shirt Workout :)

Hi BodyRockers, When I was in grade 8 I went out for the school's boys basketball team. Some of girls that we fancied stayed after class to watch us at tryouts in the gym. They sat huddled together on the bleachers at one end of the gym as we did our best to impress them with our layups at the other end. The coach clapped his hands to signal a water break and told us as we filed out to the fountain that we would be playing a game of shirts and skins when we came back in. As we queued up to the fountain to get a drink I recalled a story that my uncle told me about how he drank so much water once that his belly turned hard as a rock. I'm not sure why it occurred to me just then, but I suddenly had a brilliant idea. As I was the last in line for a drink I bent down there longer and drank mouthful after mouthful of the splashy cold water. I kept at it even after I heard the coaches whistle in the background. I was going to have a rock hard belly just like my uncle did and really impress the girls with my physique during the game. When I finally skipped back into the gym and peeled off my T-shirt my once flat stomach was extended like a beach ball and you could practically hear the water sloshing around in there. My friend Jeremy - in a moment that will be engraved in my psyche forever -  pointed at my belly and shouted "Holy! Look at the gut on him!" The girls laughed and the imprint that taking my shirt off in public equals humiliation was seared into my young mind for all time. It may seem silly and I agree it's laughable, but when girlfriends in my late 20's were calling me "Freddy T-shirt" because I never (and I mean never) liked to take off my shirt in front of others - it shows how deep we can sometimes carry negative and completely ridiculous judgements about our bodies that originate from outside ourselves. I would be willing to bet that Jeremy has no recollection of saying those words in that gym over 20 years ago. I on the other hand will likely never forget them. The point of sharing this story with you is two fold. First, we each have limiting insecurities that hold tremendous power over our lives and our perception of ourselves. We need to look at these and ask ourselves how and why these insecurities came into being and start to call into question why and how we are allowing them to hold us back. In my case I essentially have felt uncomfortable for decades because I drank too much water and a childhood friend chided me in jest ( albeit rude ). If I had to take off my T-shirt now - no matter what the circumstances or level of fitness I would still feel that edge of anxiety rooted back to that day. My second point is that each of us has probably been Jeremy at one point or another - a casual remark, a jibe about someone's appearance or weight - you never know what seeds you are sewing - especially when you are dealing with a younger person. Be kind - even in casual jest - because even casual words carry power. I hope this post helps all of the other "Freddy T-Shirts" out there :) Best, Freddy (Be my friend on Facebook here) Watch Today's Workout Here: [wobreakdown] BodyRock ''Killer Arms'' Workout: Set your interval timer 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – & Bust out this circuit twice and perform as many repetitions of the following exercises as you can. - Arm Death Awaits - But we can handle it ;)) right ? 1) 2 x Push Ups, Clean & Two Squat Jumps – Using the pink Sandbag 2) Ninja Tuck Jump, Press & Lunge – Using the pink Sandbag 3) Shoulder Lift, Drop, Two Push-Ups & Tuck Jump - Alternate between Shoulders – Using the pink Sandbag 4) 10 Mountain Climbers & 10 High Knees - Using the Ugi ball 5) 1/2 Burpee Push-up & Upright Row – Using the pink Sandbag 6) Push-Up - Touch Knees . March’s Diet Challenge: Today’s Diet Challenge can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here Today's BodyRocking Workout Track: Facebook: Lisa has been answering your questions all day! Sean has posted the BodyRocker babe of the day - please stop by and add them as friends! For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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