Try A Lifestyle Change For A Month Before You Decide It Doesn't Work For You

Making changes in life can be difficult. It is easy to give up these changes at the first sign of a struggle. But if this change you are making --whether it is to eat better, exercise more (or at all) -- is really worth it, it is worth sticking with. If you are trying to break a habit or create a new one, give it a month before you decide that it definitely isn't working. A month is a perfect amount of time. A week is too easy. Anyone can do it. A year can be overwhelming and daunting. A month is perfect. If you can do something for a month, you can likely do it longer. Being consistent in a lifestyle change is incredibly hard but if you are giving yourself a one month time frame, it can be a little bit easier. A month gives you enough time to actually try on your new lifestyle. You can see if you really want to live this way. If, for example, your lifestyle change involves weight loss and fitness, you will FOR SURE see positive changes in the time frame. You will have a chance to way the costs and the benefits. You may want to start working out more but after a month, decide that the gym isn't the place for you. This gives you other options. Maybe you get a group of pals together and go for regular hikes. Point is, after a month of hitting the gym, you've managed to save yourself an expensive membership and find out what will actually work for you. Set yourself a month to try something new. You're the only one who loses if you don't. Source: Lifehacker    

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