Try One Of These Breakfast Sandwiches For A Delicious Breakfast On The Go

Mornings can be a crazy time and often, the best breakfast, is one that fits into your hand. Sure, there are lots of bars available to grab and go but they don't usually leave you feeling all that satisfied. So, instead of stopping to grab some fast food, grease filled, almost not even real food breakfast sandwich option (or not eating breakfast at all!), try one of these awesome recipes first!

For meat eaters:

1. Kale, Bacon and Egg Whole Wheat Breakfast Sandwich This sandwich is loaded with Vitamins A and C and will help boost your immune system and eye health. Check out the recipe here.  2. The BLA: Bagel With Lox and Avocado This sandwich blows the BLT out of the water! Loaded with lots of healthy fats-monounsaturated from the avocado and omega-3 from the lox-and antioxidants, we're pretty sure you'll never go back to just a straight up bagel!

3. Smoked Salmon Croissant With Cream Cheese

This is a super simple sandwich that provides you with a dose of omega 3s. Can you really go wrong? All you need is a croissant, 3-4 slices of smoked salmon, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese, chives and salt and pepper. Done. Delicious.

For vegetarians:

1. Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is easy to make and guaranteed to keep you satisfied and energized all morning long! Although you can grab it and go, it is a little messy for the car so try to sit down for this one! 

2. Egg White, Avocado, and Spinach Superfood Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is just like a Caprese salad. And according to one animal study, the nitrates in leafy greens appear to strengthen muscle. So if you're hitting the gym on the regular, this may be a perfect sandwich for you!

3. Mediterranean Egg White Breakfast Sandwich With Roasted Tomatoes

This healthy sandwich tastes like a grilled cheese and tomato soup had a baby. To get the full nutritional value, make sure your bread is made from whole grains!!

For Vegans:

1. Tofu Scramble Breakfast Sandwich

Did you know that if you season coconut properly you can get it to taste like bacon? It's true! This sandwich takes a little more time to prepare so you might want to save it for your Sunday morning chill time. Just know that this dish has a lot of ingredients so make sure you plan ahead. But it is worth it!

2. Popeye Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich makes sure you begin your day with healthy carbs, protein, and fiber. Try adding turmeric for some anti-inflammatory properties and some nutritional yeast to boost your immunity. Cold and flu season's got nothing on you!

3. Mushroom Melt Breakfast Sandwich

In this recipe, you can get creative with your choice of mushrooms and your choice of greens! The vegan sausage and mushroom combo will help you feel and stay satisfied. Adding berry jam gives this savoury dish a really unexpected hit of sweetness. Yum.

For those who need sweet in the morning:

1. Croissants Filled With Brie and Strawberries

Like a croissant could get any tastier! Sweet strawberry, creamy cheese. Perhaps we've found a new brunch staple!

2. French Toast Sandwiches With Peaches and Mozzarella

Don't feel limited by peaches, this sandwich can pretty much be paired with any fruit. Baked French toast, yummy sweetness, another slice of French toast. Can you go wrong?

3. Brie and Blueberry Waffle Grilled Cheese

You may find yourself feeling a little guilty about this delectable breakfast but remember, brie has 6 grams of protein and the blueberries are packed with anthocyanins, the flavonoids that may help to decrease the risk of heart attacks in women aged 25-42. Give yourself a little treat, it isn't all bad. I'm eyeballing the mushroom melt, how about you? If you are looking for more  healthy and delicious meal ideas, head here. Which sandwich will you try first? Source: Greatist

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