Try These Lunch Containers If You're Practicing Portion Control

Packing your lunch is a great way to keep tabs on what you're eating, but if you load up a Tupperware container with leftover pizza, spaghetti or a lard sandwich and a side of chips, then you're not really doing yourself any favours. By getting lunch containers that promote portion control, you'll find yourself more conscious of what you're putting in there, as well as how much. Try these following containers out for yourself: Goodbyn Hero Try Goodbyn Hero container for portion control. This lunch container comes with three separate compartments in one and features two sealable smaller containers that fit inside as well. Yumbox Try this Yumbox for portion control. This item is lightweight and leakproof, so you can even pack yogurt, sliced strawberries, and salad without them getting all mixed up. Want to add a dip in there? There are three compartments with a smaller one perfect for that. Added bonuses: It's completely BPA free, is dishwasher safe, and can also be microwaved. Bento Box Try this Bento Box for portion control. These are also lightweight containers, and are made without PVC, phthalates, BPA, or lead. The lids seal completely, which is great for packing liquids like stews. LunchBots Bento Cinco Try this LunchBots Bento Cinco for portion control. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, these containers offer up five compartments and is also completely BPA free and dishwasher safe. Be mindful, however, that this container is not leakproof or insulated. Sistema Triple Split Lunch Box Try this Sistema Triple Split container for portion control. A three-compartment container, this comes with an additional screw-top smaller container that fits inside, in case you're looking to pack yogurt, dips, or dressing. Have you tried any of these containers out? Source: Popsugar

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