Try This Easy And Delicious Way To Stop Overeating

Going on a diet means restricting yourself to food that tastes like cardboard, right? Not necessarily! Research out of Denmark suggests that in order to avoid overeating, and blowing your diet completely, eating more flavourful foods might be the key. European researcher Per Møller of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark told Vox, "I belong to the minority of researchers who are at odds with the idea that food should be bland, boring, and not satisfactory in order for people not to overeat." In a 2013 study, Møller gave participants either a serving of bland soup or a serving of spicy, flavourful soup.   You'd assume that people who ate the flavourful soup would came back looking for seconds. But that isn't what happened at all. The participants who ate the flavourful soup reported feeling more satisfied with what they had eaten. In an unrelated study, participants were given equal amounts of either chocolate mousse or cottage cheese. They ate less chocolate mousse. We are not making a case for stuffing your face indiscriminately with yummy tasting food but these results are certainly something to consider. When planning your meals, make sure you are getting nutrient dense foods and the proper portions of protein, fats and carbs, but don't forget to kick it up a notch in the flavour department when you can! Spices can be your best friend! Are you intrigued by these results? What are your go-tos for making healthy food taste delicious? Source: Elite Daily  

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