Trying To Get Back Into Shape Post Baby, We've Got What You Need

Sometimes the idea of getting back to your pre baby body seems to be an unattainable fantasy but this BodyRocker has proven that a little bit of sweat and effort will get you back to it in no time! If you're looking for inspiration to lose your baby weight -- or weight in general -- look no further than this wonderful story: unnamed-5 Hello. I have been a BodyRocker for about 2 years. I had my second child this past February and followed BodyRock throughout my pregnancy along with regular walking 20 miles per week and yoga. Since I gave birth I completed three 30 day challenges and I'm in the best shape. Thank you BodyRock. First pic is 1 month postpartum. Second is 5 months. unnamed-4 Brilliant transformation! Good on ya!  

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