Trying To Be Healthier: Expectations VS Reality

We all know how it is, you lie in bed at night, looking up at your ceiling, feeling the excitement build in your chest. You're going to make a change! Yes, a real change this time! Everything will be different and your life will change for the better. If you're really dedicated, you may even start to take steps toward this change. The problem, of course, is that it is way easier in our heads than it is in reality. Hands up if this sounds familiar:

1. Expectation: You'll start to run. Maybe you can fit in a marathon.

Reality: Running is hard. You hate running.  

2. Expectation: Yoga seems like an easy choice. And you'll look great while you do it!

  Reality: Yoga is hard. It is not as serene as it seems.  

3. Expectation: You'll start each and every day with a healthy breakfast.

  Reality: Maple syrup....  

4. Expectation: You'll adopt active hobbies like hiking

  Reality: You'll join a co-ed softball team at work and get winded taking first base.   [bctt tweet="Trying To Be Healthier: Expectations VS Reality"]

5. Expectation: Only veggies for you. You'll give up sugar cold turkey.

  Reality: Cupcakes aren't sugar, right?  

6. Expectation: You'll prioritize sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

  Reality: You'll lie in bed, creeping Facebook on your phone until 2 a.m. You do not wake up refreshed.  

7. Expectation: You'll strength train at least twice a week and get crazy strong.

  Reality: One month in and you're still using the lightest weights you can find.  

8. Expectation: All of your meals will be fresh, home-cooked and prepared by you.

  Reality: Pizza delivery guys need work too. You're stimulating the economy.  

9. Expectation: Your new gear will make you look like a fitness model.

  Reality: You look like Grandma at jazzercise  

10. Expectation: You'll drink decaf green tea in the mornings to boost your metabolism.

  Reality: You can never give up on coffee. Or caffeine. Or sugar.  

11. Expectation: You'll join that cool, new, high-tech gym that will motivate you to go.

  Reality: Bank balance says, "no."  

12. Expectation: You'll easily be able to avoid snacking between meals.

  Reality: A life without snacking is not a life worth living.   How many of you can relate? Don't be shy, spill the beans! Source: BuzzFeed

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