Trying To Quit Dairy? Here's What To Drink Instead!

Perhaps you are making the move toward a more earth friendly, animal friendly, vegan diet. Perhaps you are lactose intolerant. Perhaps you just don't like the taste of milk. No matter the reasons for your move away from dairy, it can be hard to find a suitable, replacement. There are lots of options but how do you know which will give you what you need? Which is right for you? Here are 5 non-dairy substitutes that are worth a closer look: 1. Soy: This is the only plant based option that comes close to giving you the protein you would find in dairy milk. One cup of soy milk will give you 19% of your daily recommended total of magnesium and 14% of your daily vitamin B6. 2. Almond: Low in calories and high in calcium, this is a pretty good choice. But keep in mind that most of the protein and other nutrients that are found in the whole nuts, are strained out of the milk in the manufacturing process. Almond milk in bottle with almonds 3. Hemp: You can get 6-10% of your daily iron from hemp milk. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids! 4. Coconut: Because they are often fortified, coconut milk drinks are a great source of calcium. It also contains 50% of your daily B12 and 25% of your vitamin D. The only thing to remember here is that coconuts are high in saturated fats. 5. Rice: This option is pretty high in calories and sugar without offering the protein benefits of some of the other drinks. The good news is that rice milk is enriched to provide you with a third of your daily calcium and 25% of your vitamins D and B12. What is your favourite non-dairy milk? Tell us why! Source: Shape 

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