Tune in, Stretch out!

I'll admit it. I love watching TV. And as a busy working mom, sometimes my evening television time is the only chance I have to finish my day with a good stretch. Working all day, wearing heels, working out, just being a human that moves around and lives and enjoys life can really take a toll on your body. Just 5-10 minutes of stretching a day can really make a difference in your flexibility. And this amount of time is way less than it takes to watch your favorite show! One of my favorite muscle groups to stretch is the hamstrings. Since everything is connected in your body, tight hamstrings can affect a lot of things in your body. Most notably, tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain. Have lower back pain? Your tight hamstrings might be the problem. It is worth the time to take care of your body. It is worth your time to stretch. Here are some of my favorite stretches. I hope you enjoy them too! Seated Forward Fold (targets hamstrings) photo 1 Seated Extended Standing Forward Fold (targets hamstrings) photo 3 Thread the Needle (targets glutes) photo 5 Pigeon Pose (targets glutes) photo 4 Hold each stretch at least one minute. Need more stretching? Hiit it again!

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