Turn off your phone to boost your self-esteem

There are three things I make sure I have every time I leave my apartment. My keys, my wallet and my phone.  I need my phone to get through my day, what else would I do while I'm on break at work or bored for those 5 minutes? With smartphones today, everything is in one convenient place. I get all my emails, Facebook updates, Instagram notifications,  and texts as soon as they come in. Day or night I know what is going on. But is this helping or hurting us? I can see everything everyone is doing and I share what I am doing. But we obsess over how many likes something gets or if anyone comments on that picture of me in my swimsuit. I even bring my phone to bed with me! I need to know what is going on as soon as it happens. It seems as though we are never able to be completely shut off from technology! We need to unplug ourselves from this unrealistic world we see on Facebook and other social media sites. All day we look at pictures of other people - both celebrates and our friends, and only end up feeling terrible because we sit there comparing ourselves to them, lowering our self-esteem. Comparing not only looks, money or material possessions'  but in success, or what adventure they may be on. We need to put down our phones, turn them off and enjoy dinners with friends! Focusing on them and not about who commented on the selfie that we just posted. Read a book on your lunch break (instead of scrolling through Instagram) and I guarantee you'll be glad you did! Ditch the phone when you can, it shouldn't be an extension of your body. Source: Elite Daily  

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