Turns Out "Cheerios Protein" May Not Be Healthy After All!

When reading the label on "Cheerios Protein," it appears to be a healthy and wise breakfast choice. When milk is added, a single serving contains 11 grams of protein. That is a whopping 4 more grams than regular Cheerios. But, as we are beginning to understand, this is not a perfect protein solution. The protein comes at a cost! The consumer advocacy group,  Center for Science in the Public Interest​ (CSPI), says this protein packed version contains 17 times more sugar that original version. It gets worse. The advertised protein benefit is due to a larger serving size and not some magical nutritional difference. In fact, when you make the serving sizes comparable, the difference in protein is not so great. CSPI has gone so far as to file a class action suit against General Mills, claiming that the manufacturer is "misleading customers" with their powerful protein claims. 1447197167-cheerios-protein The suit goes on to say that the "principal ingredient that distinguishes Cheerios Protein from Cheerios is sugar." ​ Not cool. Hard to believe this type of misdirection is possible but it is. It is not only possible, it is also likely more common than we even know. Let this serve as a reminder to not only read nutrition labels but to scrutinize them. When checking nutritional content, it can be easy to miss the changes in serving sizes. Don't be fooled by bold and bright claims on the packaging and take a good hard look at the nutritional breakdown! Does this news surprise you? Have you noticed this sort of discrepancy in other "healthy" food options? Source: Woman's Day

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