TV Show Workout: Community

Whether you’re watching the most recent revamped Harmon-driven season of Community, or you’re rewatching the series on Netflix, get ready to sweat.   When Jeff makes a rousing speech = plank for the duration of the speech communityWinger_speech 1 jumping jack for every “cool” Abed utters Whenever Troy and Abed sing “Troy And Abed In The Morning” or any variation = 30 second glute bridge communityTroy and Abed in the Morning! Anytime Annie does something you could make a sexy gif out of = drink water (and be ashamed) communitysexygif Anytime someone inserts their name into a word or phrase (eg. “Changnesia” or “on the dean-low”) = 5 sumo squats community chang:dean Anytime the Dean wears a flamboyant costume = 10 diagonal mountain climbers Community - Season 4 Anytime Pierce says something politically incorrect = 5 step-ups communityPierce-Hawthorne-800x450 Anytime Shirley says “Oh, that’s nice” = 10 side lunges communityShirley Anytime Troy and Abed do their special handshake = 5 sit ups Anytime Britta talks about psychology = 5 supermans communitybritta- Bonus move: wall-sit for the duration of the theme song Community

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