TV Show Workout: Dexter

Whether your rewatching, or like me, finally getting around to seeing the last season, here's a way to keep fit while indulging in TV watching fun. Whenever Dexter has an inner monologue = jog in place for the duration of his voiceover Whenever Masuka does his creepy laugh = 10 squats dexter-masuka Whenever Dexter pulls a B&E = 1 minute bridge or wheel Whenever Deb swears = 10 sumo squats dexter-deb Whenever anyone ignores a phone call = 10 push ups Anytime Dexter is on his boat = 10 jumping jacks dexters_boat Whenever you see Dexter’s computer screen = 10 high knees Whenever we see Harry/The Dark Passenger = 10 crunches dexter - harry Whenever Dexter kills someone = 30 second side plank each side Whenever “Harry’s Code” is mentioned = 10 crunches dexterkeep_calm_and_follow_harrys_code_round_coaster   Dexter   Get fit, and enjoy!

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