TV Show Workout: Drop Dead Diva

I don’t think this show is very well known, or even that popular, but it came upon my Netflix suggestions list so I watched the first episode…. And then the rest of the first season. It is so addictively bad/good – what I mean is, it’s complete fluff. The acting is not that great, it’s pretty predictable, and the music laughably underscores the exact emotion of the scene. It is the perfect spring cleaning show, I watch it when I want to do other things, other things that could include WORKING OUT! Bam. Also, I just learned that this season (its sixth) is also its final, enjoy the fluff while you can. Whenever Jane is typing at her computer = 10x clean and press When anyone uses the word “sweetie” = 10 squats Anytime she looks off into the distance and sees Grayson through a window= 30 second side plank, each side dddgrayson window Anytime they cut away to shots of LA = 10 plank, row, push-ups Whenever Terri smiles fakely or grimaces = 10 crunches dddTerri copy Anytime Jane says “okaaay…” = 10 supermans Whenever Stacey makes food or a smoothie = 30 seconds high knees dddstacybaking Anytime Jane flips her hair = 10 jumping jacks Any music number = freestyle dancing, I suggest some grapevines and shoulder shimmies. drop-dead-diva-S3-opening-number-lifetime-320 Anytime Jane tears up (at your own discretion, she gets misty A LOT) = 10 calf raises Whenever Jane does the “yelp/hand to temple/laugh” thing when accessing Old Jane’s brain = 30 second glute bridge dddoldjane brain   Whenever the lyrics of the pop song playing exactly matches what is going on in the show’s plot = 5 burpees When anyone hugs = 30 second plank dddhug When Jane wakes up dramatically after a dream sequence = 10 mountain climbers Bonus move: when you realize she’s having a dream sequence, wall sit for the duration (unless it's a dance sequence, than you dance your little heart out)  

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