TV Show Workout: Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix. You know what that means… it’s time to alleviate my binge-watching guilt with a good ol’ TV show workout. Anytime Rory is reading a book = 10 squats gilmorerory-reads Any pop culture reference = 10 bicycle crunches --> double if it’s a reference you don’t understand Whenever they drink coffee = 10 supermans gilmoregirlscoffee Anytime Luke is not wearing a hat = 10 jumping jacks Anytime we see the Stars Hollow gazebo = 30 seconds jogging in place gggazebo Anything that is so 90’s it’s painful = 10 mountain climbers Whenever Ms. Patty is teaching a class = 5 star jumps -- > double if she’s smoking while teaching gilmore-girlsmiss-patty-do-it-with-flair-gif Anytime Lane talks about music = 30 second bridge Whenever Ms. Kim disapproves of something = 10 jack-knife sit-ups gilmore girls2 Whenever Richard reads the newspaper = 10 second side plank, each side Whenever Emily is insulting = 10 Russian twists gilmoregirls Anytime Lorelei says the word “dirty” = 10 diamond push ups Anytime Michel complains = 10 calf raises gilmoregirlsmichel Whenever Suki injures herself or does something clumsy = 10 butt kickers Whenever Paris freaks out or is too intense = 10 tricep dips gilmoregirlsParis Whenever they order food = 5 burpees Whenever Luke and Taylor argue = 30 second high knees gilmoregirlstaylorluke Anytime Kirk is… Kirk = 10 sumo squats   gilmoregirlskirk gilmoregirlskirk6 gilmoregirlskirk7 Bonus move: wall-sit for the duration of the theme song (while belting it out, of course)  

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