TV Show Workout: Gossip Girl

I have been unashamedly binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, and I may as well get a workout while I'm at it: Everytime Gossip Girl sends out a blast = 30 second bridge or wheel Anytime Serena says “I have to go” = 30 seconds high knees Whenever Chuck takes a drink = 10 bicycles gossipgirlchuck Anytime someone is referred to by their first initial = 5 tuck jumps When anyone calls Chuck “Charles” = 10 jumping jacks Whenever Rufus makes waffles = 10 tricep dips Evertime Dorota says “Ms. Blair” = 10 diamond push-ups gossipgirl4 Any sex scene = 30 second plank Any make-out scene = 10 oblique crunches Whenever someone insults someone else to their face = 5 squat jumps Anytime we see a phone screen = 5 push-ups gossipgirlphone Whenever there’s a shocking reveal = 10 supermans Anytime someone crashes a party = 10 mountain climbers When anyone takes a photo of gossip worthy news incredibly obviously = 5 lunges gossipgirl2 When anyone throws a punch = 10 sumo squats Whenever someone gets out of or into a limo = 5 jack knife sit-ups Bonus move: jog in place for any of Gossip Girl’s monologues

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