TV Show Workout: New Girl

In their third season now, New Girl just keeps getting better. Anytime Schmidt over-pronounces a word = 5 squats newgirlschmidt Anytime Jess sings = 10 calf raises newgirlJesssings Anytime there’s a celebrity guest star = 5 burpees Anytime Jess wears polka dots = 10 diagonal climbers newgirlpolkadots Anytime Schmidt abbreviates a word = 10 crunches Everytime Winston pretends to understand something that he doesn’t = 30 second plank newgirlwinston Any flashback = 5 jumping jacks Whenever Nick makes his turtle face = 10 push ups newgirlturtleface   Anytime something in the apartment breaks = 5 lunges Anytime you see Outside Dave = 30 second side plank, each side newgirloutsidedave   NewGirl  

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