TV Show Workout: Orange Is The New Black

Since I finally got around to watching the 2nd season, and you can't NOT watch it all at once, I thought a workout to offset the hours of quality TV I was devouring was appropriate. Anytime someone cries = 10 tricep dips Whenever “The SHU” is mentioned = 10 supermans Anytime someone hides/reveals contraband = 10 calf raises orangecontraband Any flashback = 30 second plank Whenever you see boobs = 5 jumping jacks When Crazy Eyes does/says something crazy = 10 jack-knife sit ups orangecrazyeyes2 Whenever Morello mentions her fiancé or wedding = 10 diamond push-ups Pennsatucky mentions Jesus = 10 bicycles Whenever Taystee dances, raps, or sings = 10 lunges, 5 each side Anytime Alex takes off/adjusts her glasses = 15 calf raises orangeglasses Whenever anyone gets their hair done = 10 squat jumps Whenever Larry talks about Piper = 10 diagonal climbers When anyone is on the phone = wall sit for the duration of the phone call Anytime Nikki helps someone with their problems = 10 butt-kickers Whenever Red scoffs at something or crosses her arms = 10 Russian twists oitnbred Bonus move = run in place for theme song

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