TV Show Workout: Orphan Black

Finally, a show that Canada can be proud of. Ok, that's a bit mean to Canadian television, but in all honesty... well, it's a bit true. Orphan Black is amazing, not only is the plot wicked crazy and full of twists, the acting is UNBELIEVABLE as is the technology that goes into it. While you're watching it you don't even realize how complex it would be to shoot it, but they basically had to completely reinvent certain techniques in order to shoot it the way that they did. I've been binge-watching nonstop, so I figured I should break a sweat while I'm at it. Anytime someone pulls out a gun = 30 second arm circles orphanblackspac-orphanblack103-1 Anytime we meet a new clone = 10 tricep dips Every time Felix flirts with a man = 10 jack knife sit-ups Whenever anyone dies = 10 cross body climbers orphanblackKatja When anyone coughs blood = 30 second plank Sarah calls Felix “Fe” = 5 jump squats Anytime Felix or Kira is painting = 30 second glute bridge orphanblackCosima_portrait Anytime Helena says/does something crazy = 5 jumping jacks When Cosima uses science jargon = 5 side lunges, each side Whenever Alison touches her face = 10 sumo squats orphanblackalison The term clone is used = 5 diamond push-ups Neolution is mentioned = 10 bicycles orphanblackneolution During any clone web cam conference = 30 second side plank each side Cosima smokes weed = 10 spider climbers Whenever anyone swears (including “bloody”) = 5 tuck jumps Whenever Felix removes any piece of clothing = 5 burpees Whenever a pink clone phone rings = 10 oblique crunches orphanblackPink_phone_zps6f8cd63c   Bonus move: high knees during the theme songs

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