TV Workout: COPS

Work Your Butt Off While Watching

America's Finest Put Away the 'Bad Boys'...

30 Second Plank Hold

-For every person who claims to not have identification on them

-For every suspect on parole

20 Mountain Climbers

-If a cop finds cocaine, crack, heroine or crack cocaine

-If the suspect says, 'That's not mine' or 'I don't know what you're talking about'

10 Spiderman Push Ups

 -Every time a cop says 'Get on the ground!'


-If someone gets tased

20 Jump Squats

-If the police dogs get unleashed 

-If the suspect runs from the police

30 High Knees

 -For every person who has his/her shirt off

-If cops find meth or meth pipe

10 Burpees

-For every man in a shirt with sleeves cut off 

-If the episode is filmed in Las Vegas

20 Reverse Lunges

-If the suspect says the vehicle he's driving is his 'friends' or 'girlfriends'

-If multiple gunshots are fired

30 Crunches

-For every cop who has a mustache

-If the suspect has a mullet

10 Walking Push Ups

-If they find marijuana

-When someone who is clearly intoxicated says he/she's 'just had a couple'

20 Star Jumps

-If cops bust someone for prostitution 

-If there is a warrant out for the suspect's arrest

30 Second Walk Sit

-If the suspect is holding a beer -If the suspect has a gun

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