The "Boardwalk Empire" Workout

Why not turn your favorite gangster show into an opportunity to kill some fat while the gangsters kill each other?  Get your workout gear on, warm up with the theme song, & get ready to sweat!  Whenever the following happen, do the assigned activity.
Nucky and Eli fight - 10 push ups
Al Capone gets angry - 10 high knees
Al Capone kills someone - 10 jump lunges
Anyone has sex - 10 tricep dips
Someone fires a gun - 10 squats
Crates of booze are shown- 10 v-ups
Someone is paid off - 5 1-leg squats per leg
The scene takes place in another town (Chicago, NYC, Philly) - 5 burpees
Nucky double-crosses someone - 5 ninja jump tucks
A main character is killed off - 5x[10 high knees + 10 mountain climbers]
Anyone drinks or smokes - take a sip of water
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