The "Mad Men" Workout

Watch your favorite show & get in shape at the same time!  It's easy; whenever the following things happen, do the assigned activity. Don sleeps with someone other than his current wife or girlfriend - 5x [10 high knees + 10 mountain climbers] Rodger says something prejudiced or sexist - 10 full sit ups Pete gets angry - 10 jump lunges Joan sarcastically whips someone into shape - 10 push ups Anyone at the office has a cocktail - 10 mountain climbers Anyone smokes - Have a sip of water Betty shows her terrible mothering skills - 5 burpees Peggy has success at work - 10 tricep dips Peggy has success that someone else gets credit for - 10 pike presses Don is confused and says "what?" - 10 squats Commercial - hold plank of your choice Madmen Visit my blog,, for more workouts     Ready for an even bigger challenge? Sign up to join BodyRock Boot Camp!
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