Twerk-Out Video Goes Viral: Is Booty Shaking An Effective Exercise?

Twerking' was introduced into mainstream vocabulary after it became Miley Cyrus's signature move back in 2013. Now, workout instructor, Lexy Panterra, is turning this bootylicious craze into a fitness sensation. twerking fitness video In a video posted to her Youtube channel, Lex Twerkout, the California native shakes it to Major Lazor and DJ Snake's 'Lean On'. Her high energy routine has gained her over 4 million views, and is a twerk-out freestyle to the song. Lexy does some floor work and squats all while bouncing her butt to the beat. [embed][/embed] Lexy's twerk-outs have become so popular that she runs fitness classes focused on them. lexy panterra class "LexTwerkOut is designed to not only help you reach the physical results you've been hoping for, but also gives you a boost of confidence where you may end up redefining the word 'sexy.'" Lexy explains. On her Youtube channel she also has tutorials for beginner twerkers and fun songs to get you up and dancing. While the workout is upbeat and trendy, can it actually give you results? The one big seller of twerking out is that it can be done in any space. It has been proven to tone quads, glutes and obliques while burning calories. Therefore, you should incorporate a little booty shaking into your fitness regime! What are your thoughts on twerking? Would you ever go to a twerk-out class? Source: Daily Mail  


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