Twerking to a Perfect Butt

Believe it or not, twerking has been around way before Miley Cyrus made it infamous onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. Some of you might even be asking yourselves right now-what the hell is twerking? According to the Urban Dictionary, "twerking" is defined as:
-the act of moving/ shaking ones ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion.
Yo, did you see Shantel twerking that big ole booty of hers at da club last night?
Got the idea yet?
So what if twerking could lead to weight loss and a great ass? This style of dance involves moves such as the pelvic tilt and a deep squat-exercises proven to help lift and tighten your butt. While doing them in a repetitive and fast manner-well, that's your cardio & HIIT right there! It can actually be a great workout because, if done correctly, you can burn up to 400-500 calories  if you are a beginner and up to 1,000 for a more experienced twerker. There are even twerking classes out there to teach you how to do the dace!   Wanna learn how to twerk it like a pro at home? Here are the steps!
  1. First you will need to warm up using hip rolls, rotating your hips up, down, left and right.
  2. Next place your hands on your hips, feet turned out with your knees over your toes.
  3. To go forward press your thumbs into your butt and move forward.
  4. To go back, you should pull on your hip bone.
  5. It is important with any twerk that you squat so that the only part of your body moving is your hip section.
  6. If you rest your hands on your knees with your wrists facing out your twerk will be more pronounced.
  7. Shake your butt.
Not only is this a great workout, but it can make you feel sexy while in the bedroom with your partner. Now get to twerk!   freezer-1602670-l This last one is NSFW (specifically the song)...but you've gotta admit it's impressive You can even get your pets involved! 103578411667896012518.gif


Tyzer August 04, 2020

Tyzer August 04, 2020

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