Uh-Oh! 355,000 Cans Of SpaghettiOs Recalled Over Choking Hazard!

Who doesn't like an easy meal? No one! SpaghettiOs cook up in a matter of minutes (assuming, of course, you don't just eat them straight from the can) and can remind you of your childhood. Those carefree days when we could eat noddles shaped like O's in a strangely tasty tomato sauce and not think twice. But a recent recall on the canned dinner serves as an important reminder that we should think twice. Campbell Soup Company is recalling 355,00 cans of SpaghettiOs due to a chocking hazard. Little red pieces of plastic have been found in some cans! The company explains that the pieces of plastic come from the can's lining. If you have SpaghettiOs and are concerned, the recalled cans have a Feb. 22, 2017 date stamped on them, and a UPC code of 51000 22432 under the bar code. And while you may want to think this is a rare occurrence, it isn't. Canned and processed foods are recalled all the time for various contaminants from either the production floor or the packaging. It is actually frightening. Earlier this week various brands of canned albacore tuna were recalled for possible clostridium botulinum contamination. SpaghettiOs-closeup--pasta-jpg And lets not forget the massive amounts of packaged food that gets recalled because it fails to properly identify certain ingredients like wheat, soy, milk and nuts. Those can be serious health hazards for some people. And while the majority of food is not being contaminated with deadly bacteria, it doesn't mean it is safe. Look at the SpaghettiOs -- the hazard is actually part of the lining for the packaging. Most liners of canned goods contain Bisphenol A, or BPA, which can have a very frightening impact on your health! In fact, eating one can of vegetable soup can expose you twice as much BPA as is deemed safe by the FDA! [bctt tweet="Uh-Oh! 355,000 Cans Of SpaghettiOs Recalled Over Choking Hazard!"] While fresh foods are not without the occasional risks -- certain veggies get recalled frequently for possible salmonella contamination, they are better options. Do you even know what is in SpaghettiOs? We don't either. But with a little fresh produce and a little bit of effort, you could make your own tomato sauce. A tomato sauce without pieces of red plastic! If you use fresh, whole ingredients in your food, you have a much better idea what you are eating. Because even if you dodge a bullet and your canned food doesn't contain some killer bacteria, the can liner itself is potentially toxic. Is a convenient meal worth that sort of risk? Source: Huffington Post, KOCO.com, FDA, Consumer Reports

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