Ulcers, Acne And Infertility: What Smoking REALLY Does To You!

Smoking kills 6 million people every single year, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from picking up a pack. Not even the photos of diseased lungs or the horrifying reality of second hand smoke can cause a person to quit, but what about the lesser known problems that smoking creates? HealthExpress has put a lot of unknown symptoms of smoking into perspective with these new graphics. The UK organization is helping shed light on the severity of this addiction. skin problems acne aging wrinkles fine lines lungs breathing issues fertility problems causes brittle nails health tobacco kills facts smoking effects on men lung disease digestive issues stomach cancer erectile dysfunction leg muscles joints how smoking is fatal If you have quit smoking in the past, what was your secret to success? Share your thoughts and stories with us! Source: Daily Mail Inpost images: HealthExpress.co.uk

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