The Ultimate Face Wash

Over the years, I have struggled with  acne.  It honestly didn't start happening until I was around the age of 19. I couldn't believe it. I thought acne was only supposed to happen in your early teenage years. I tried EVERYTHING to clear it up!! I spent money on really expensive face washes.  It then got even more expensive when I started using the face washes specifically for acne.  It dried my skin out, and honestly I felt like my face was being damaged. (Before I go further. I want to make a disclaimer. I am not a dermatologist.  This just what I have experience in my own personal life and wanted to share.) With that said, I went to dermatologist after dermatologist trying to clear up my acne. I went on specific types of birth control to try to clear my acne up. Each time it would clear up for a season, and then BAMMMMMM face would completely break out.  I washed my make up brushes once a week. I was doing everything I knew to do!! Then I got pregnant, and my face went even more nuts for the first trimester. I couldn't find anything to help clear it up.  I didn't know what to do. I went with a basic face wash that you can pick up at any drug store. My face continued to freak out. I was talking with my aunt and cousin that flew in from Oregon. They were talking about the latest face wash isn't face wash at all. Women were using a mixture of natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil,  caster oil and hazelnut oil to clear their skin.  Immediately I began to look into it. Blog after blog of people were posting about how their faces were being change dramatically.  Their scars were disappearing too!Each place that I looked discussed how using natural oils to cleanse the skin made complete sense. We keep using oil free cleansers and it keeps stripping our faces of our natural oils. There are oils like hazelnut oils and castor oil that are natural astringents. Mixed with a balance of olive oil it helps to purify your skin.  Now that I have been using this oil mixture, my face is completely clear. I will sometimes have a random pimple, but honestly it's been amazing. Plus my face is as soft as a babies bottom!! Mixing Directions:
  • 1/3 caster oil mixed with 2/3 olive oil in a small bottle. (Yep, it's THAT simple.)
  To Use:
  1. 1. Pour a dime size amount of the oil mixture into your hand either at your sink or in the shower.
  2. 2. Put the oil mixture onto your face.
  3. 3. Then place a clean wash cloth under hot tap water. Then put the wash cloth over your face until the cloth is cool. (It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds).
  4. 4. Once the cloth is cooled then wipe the remaining oil off or your face and your done!  If  you notice your skin dry in the beginning pull back on the amount of astringent (castor oil or hazelnut oile) in the mix. (I noticed that my skin was getting a little dry in the beginning so I pulled back on some of the castor oil. I now use the exact mixing directions above.)
  The blog listed was the primary place that I used for mixing the ingredients. She goes into further detail, and also uses other oils. I felt her tips were extremely helpful:    

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