Ultimate Fat Burning Finisher Routine

Recently, I have been adding what is known as a “finisher” to my workouts.  This is a standalone smaller workout that you will do to either 1) focus on a particular muscle group or 2) add a cardio element to your weightlifting routine. This finisher can come across as easy, but when you add it to the end of an already intense workout session it will leave you breathless. What you will need: Kettlebell and a stopwatch This workout will be done one time through following the rep count of 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. To begin you will do 10 kettlebell swings kbswing1  kbswing2     followed by 10 burpees. burpeeplank burpeetuck burpeejump For the next round you will do 9 KB swings and 9 burpees… all the way down to 1.  Time yourself with the stopwatch and see if you can get faster with every workout.  I do this finisher 3 times a week following my regular workout routine.      

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