The Ultimate "Goodbye Belly Fat" Workout You Must Try

Have you been running consistently, but still find you can't pinch an inch or two around your midsection? Well, it's time to say adios to belly pudge! This fat blasting routine relies on the power of cardio to banish the bulge. Here's how: In a paper published in the International Journal of Obesity, new research has revealed that women who work out half as long as the recommended length (20 minutes of cardio vs. 40 minutes of cardio) lost more belly fat than those chugging along for 40 minutes. The key is to break up your cycling routine with brief high-intensity sprints (about 15 seconds) and brief low-intensity cool downs (again, 15 seconds). Here are 3 tricks to incorporating sprints and cool downs into your cardio routine: 1) Visual Goals  Run or bike at your normal pace. Focus on an object such as a mailbox, which is around 50 ft away from you. Push your run or peddle into high gear and sprint towards the mailbox. Once you reach it, dial it back to your normal pace. 2) Music   Create a playlist that alternates perfectly between upbeat, dance tunes and mellow, calmer vibes. This will make it easy to switch up your pace without even thinking about it. 3) Time Keep track of how long you've been working out by looking at your watch or phone. You will be able to keep track of when you need to sprint or need to cool down. Once you run this workout for a few weeks, you will fall into a routine where you won't need to watch the clock as much. This type of training is known as interval training, and can increase your speed and stamina along with blasting away that dreaded jiggle. You will begin to feel stronger and faster the more you train, and you will be seeing significant results around your waistline. Try it and tell us what you think! Show us a before and after picture of your belly busting cardio regime!    

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