Your Ultimate Guide to Alleviating Anxiety and Losing Weight With Tea!

Did you know that not only is stress mentally draining, but it can lead to physical problems as well? Most notably, stress and anxiety can cause you to gain weight or hinder your weight loss goals. Here is your guide to getting a handle on stress and staying fit with the power of tea: 1) Nervous? Try Hops Tea.  This is a big one for me because I find myself worked up in a nervous state quite frequently. Hops tea is made from the same ingredient found in beer which is a natural relaxant for the central nervous system. Take the pressure off with a caffeine-free hops tea. 2) Can't Sleep? Try Valerian Tea.  Valerian is known to be a great sleep enhancer, and so this tea makes for a great bed time ritual. More sleep not only fights off carb cravings, but it releases hormones which help metabolize fat while you snooze. 3) Feeling Depressed? Try a Camomile/Lavender Blend.  Camomile and lavender together can help reduce daytime fatigue and symptoms of depression. While camomile is always recommended for bedtime, it actually has no significant impact on sleep and, contrary to popular belief, can help you feel more wakeful. Who knew? 4) Can't Stop Those Anxious Thoughts? Try Kava Kava.  Kava kava is great at lowering anxiety and soothing stressful thinking. It comes from a root which contains chemical compounds that have been shown to be an effective anti-anxiety treatment. What are your favourite teas? Share your recipes and ideas with us!      

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