The Ultimate Guide to Pull-Ups (They're So Easy!)

Despite popular belief that pull-ups are for the most advanced of gym goers and the bar should be avoided at all costs, pull-ups can be done by anyone! And they can be adjusted to meet any fitness level, even nervous beginners.   Pull-ups work your chest, back and arms, keeping them toned and strong. Doing this exercise also increases your confidence level, because let's face it, pulling off a round of pull-ups makes you feel pretty superhuman. Basic Level Pull-Ups:
  • Assisted Pull-Up Machine: Use this machine, which utilizes counterbalance weights, as a way to try your first few pull-ups. Set the weights at 20 pounds less than your body weight to start. After 5 reps, adjust the weights accordingly.
  • Band Pull-Up: This two inch thick rubber band, or superband, can help train you for the next level. Wrap the band securely around the pull-up bar, put it under one knee, grab onto the bar and start your pull-up. Putting it under your foot instead of your knee will give you more resistance. Using this superband, you will eventually work your way up to doing pull-ups on your own.
Intermediate Level Pull-Ups:
  • Jump Pull-Up: So you've moved up a level and you're ready for jump pull-ups. Stand under the bar and grab the bar, harnessing the force of your jump to pull your body to the bar. Get your chin up to the bar or past it. Repeat this exercise as often as you need to get your chin as high or higher than the bar.
Expert Level Pull-Ups:
  • Traditional Body Weight Pull Up: Congrats you have graduated to expert pull-ups! Time to put what you've learned to the test. With palms facing away from you, grip the bar with your arms extended. Bring yourself up until your chin passes the bar, then lower yourself down into the starting position. While you repeat these, keep your core tight to engage your lower back and lats.
  • Weighted Pull-Up: Now it's time to really show off what you can do. Repeat the moves of the traditional pull-up, but add a weight plate to challenge your body even more. Hold a weight between your knees to wow onlookers with your crazy athletic skills!
No matter your level, tell us your tricks to a good pull-up! Leave a comment below!

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