The Ultimate Selfie App Makes You Skinnier (Or Your Butt Bigger!)

The other day I saw a video floating around Facebook of something using an app to photoshop a woman's thighs to become smaller. I had to do a double take! Since when did iPhone apps have the capabilities of Photoshop? Or most importantly, where the hell have I been? However, it has been said that everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian has photoshopped a normale 'ole selfie photo of themselves before. 300x300 Siab This specific iPhone app allows you to:
  • whiten your teeth
  • remove dark circles under your eyes
  • remove blemishes
  • remove stretch marks and scars
  • reduce red eye
  • change the color of your skin ton (helllooooo, instant tan!)
  • make yourself skinny
  • give yourself a nose job
  • give yourself a bigger butt
Dammit-if only it did my makeup! 300x300 Siab I know you are probably dying to know the name of the app-it is called Facetune and is costly to some at $3.99 per download. So, out of curiosity, I decided to see just how easy it was to alter a human body. I tried it out on myself and got rid of my stretch marks, made my butt bigger, and even slimmed my waist. The verdict? Now that our phones have the same capabilities as Photoshop, it is time to stop believing in everything that you see. Who knows what selfies are real these days! But, if you do decide to doctor every selfie, just don't make it too obvious like this chick: 860ae29b3dfc418e0d66bfbfbd97aa41   Ditch the photoshop, and come grab a free diet and workout plan by clicking the image below: URLSmall

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