ULTIMATE Valentine's Day Workout (14x14x14)

Valentine's Day (14x14x14) If you have never tried a workout like this before, here is how it works.  You are going to repeat 14 reps of each of the following 14 exercises and repeat for 14 rounds.  So, one time through the list doing 14 reps of each exercise is one round.  Keep in mind this workout will be a CHALLENGE because of the number of rounds, so set some time aside if you plan to complete the full thing (I would estimate an hour or slightly longer).  Add weight if you wish and where you need to, however, I think this will be tough with body weight alone. Heart_Barbell Beginners Variation: Complete as many rounds as you can at your level OR set a timer for 14 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can until time runs out. Advanced: Start a timer and complete 14 rounds at your own pace 1. Jumping Jacks 2. Squats (with or without weight) 3. Mountain Climbers 4. Tuck Abs 5. Bicep Curls 6. Pushups 7. Skaters 8. Lunge L 9. Lunge R 10. Sandbag Swing 11. Deadlift 12. Ski Abs 13. High Knees 14. Straight Situps   This workout was NO JOKE, no matter what variation you did, so WAY TO GO!!  Now go out and enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day!!   sweatdropsonmuscles        

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