Unconventional, but amazing "Love Notes"

I LOVE love....and I am a believer that when you are truly head over heels in love with someone that you bring out the weird in each other. Your quirks and idiosyncrasy's align and it just works. So when I came across this funny www.buzzfeed.com post of hilarious notes I just had to share because these couples have really got their sh!t together.  

1. The “lucky dip” note.

2. The “I’m a grown-up I promise” note.

3. The Hunger Games note.

4. The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ note.

5. The Fatal Attraction note.

6. The “random terrifying fact” note.

7. The “where you would least expect it” note.

8. The revenge note.

9. The “pornographic stick figure” note.

10. The ransom note.

11. The “been watching too much Game of Thrones” note.

12. The “sarcastic SO” note.

13. The mildly terrifying note.

14. The “stop pooping, I miss you” note.

15. The “philosophical response” note.

16. The “pornographic pets” note

17. The “I’m always watching” note.

18. The “taking advantage of your surroundings” note.

19. The “I will kill you” note.

20. The “LOL jk” note.

21. The “hidden in your lunch box” note.

22. The “mid-poo troll” note.

23. The “no remorse” note.

24. The “I’ll leave it where I know you’ll find it” note.

25. The “if our relationship can survive this it can survive anything” note.

26. The “subliminal message” note.

27. The “sexy poem” note.

28. The “this note was a bit boring so I added a guy showing you his bumhole” note.

29. The “nice handwriting can make anything look cute” note.

30. The “I tried” note.

31. The “everything is improved with Nic Cage’s face” note.

32. The sympatehtic note.

33. The “I know your job sucks but…” note.

34. The “I’ve found the one” note.

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