The Unconventional Way Sherri Shepherd Lost 60 lbs

Dieting it seems is synonymous with Hollywood.  There always seems to be the buzz about the next big trick to maintain a small figure or to lose a bigger one.  Hollywood is obsessed with the quick and easy, often skating over the hard work and effort that goes into both workouts and proper diet. article-2529584-1A4C64E500000578-569_306x639 Sherri Shepherd, a co-host of the The View, has an altogether different view of dieting and losing weight.  She told ABC News in an interview that the unconventional technique of eating before visiting restaurants has helped her lose more the 60 lbs off her almost 200 lb frame.  Sherri told ABC that eating before dining helped her to stop overindulging in things that would get her diet off track.  On top of that she said that she carries apples and peanut butter in her purse to keep cravings at bay during the day. article-2529584-1A4C474B00000578-908_306x639 Earlier in the year Sherri said that being diagnosed with diabetes saved her life.  Like so many others Sherri was consuming all the wrong foods which lead to her weight rising to almost 200 lbs. What's interesting is that eating before going to dine out also follows the same logic as eating before going to the grocery store.  We all know what happens if you go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  Everything is tempting.  Everything bad is even more tempting.  You are incredibly more likely to fill your basket with sugary, processed foods if you are hungry than if you do your shopping after a good healthy meal. This "tip" can actually be used in a great many parts of our lives.  Take traveling for instance, car or airplane.  They are both great ways to overindulge because we are away from our veggie stocked refrigerators.  Pack protein rich foods to go along with you to keep you full.

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