Upper Body Core BLAST!

I can remember as a teenager, HATING going to P.E. aka 'physical education' in school.  I was not an active teen, despite my career now, and didn't apply myself. I focused on my school work and that was it. It wasn't until I got to college, where I found my love for fitness, running etc. I got in great shape in college, but it wasn't until I hit my late 20s and 30s where I really started working on my body to make it stronger and healthier. I remember thinking that just because I was a runner, I was 'strong'. Not so much. Yes, I could run a long distance, but I never lifted. Or I was lifting WAY too light which is one of those common misconceptions that lifting heavy will bulk you up. This, of course couldn't be further from the truth! I have always had muscular legs, but working on my upper body was something I thought doing curls and tricep extensions could fix. I didn't focus on my chest, back or core and hated doing push ups! It wasn't until I started boxing/kickboxing in my late 20s where I found that I had all these incredible muscles in my arms, back, chest and core that were just waiting for me to discover them. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after getting stronger and working on building these muscles. I was leaner lifting heavier weights and looked so much stronger, not to mention looked a hell of a lot better in a swim suit than I ever did prior to lifting and working on my upper body and core. You may read this and think, 'OF course she looked better, she was working out!' It wasn't that I was working out, but I was working out effectively. Not only did I gain muscular strength, but muscular endurance as well. There are so many other benefits to upper body routines too such as better posture and form, helping to avoid and prevent injury. Strengthening your back and shoulders will help create better posture. And as a person who loves to run as well, having a strong upper body and shoulders, help to keep me from slumping over when I'm running. This also takes pressure off my lower back especially with all that pounding you can do while running/jogging. Also, where I used to hate push ups, they are now my #1 go to exercise. Even if I've just had my 3rd baby (which I did in January!), and have to modify my push ups to build up my core strength again, I will still get them in. They not only require, chest, shoulder and arm strength and stabilization, but so much core strength as well. With push ups too, you can always make them harder depending on how you do them. Going from wide push ups, to diamond push ups, to elevated push ups. The choices are endless and you can work your entire upper body with nothing but body weight resistance.


If you haven't already checked out my BOOTY CIRCUIT, click here and get that done! That one I focus on the BOO-TAY! With this one, I focus more on the upper body and core. If you are unsure of the moves, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO below! I go through the workout one time with you. For this workout, I used 7.5lb dumbbells, but challenge yourself and go higher or lower based on your level. Set your timers for 30 seconds on top for the cardio move (SKI ABS) and then 50 seconds on the bottom for the strength move. I buffered the 50 seconds to give you about 5 seconds to get up from the ski abs and just right into the next move where you would then have about 45 seconds of work. Take that last 50 seconds of REST after you finished one round of all of these! You WILL need that rest, especially if you are pushing yourself!

30 seconds - ski Abs 50 seconds - down, down up, up with isometric dumbbell shoulder hold

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - 8 push ups + plank walk 2 (back)

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - squat with lat to front raise

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - Bent over 3ct. tricep extension hold

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - plank walk out + 2 pushups (back and repeat)

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - plank rows + Plank reverse fly

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seconds - stationary Sumo squat with curl30 seconds - ski abs

30 seconds - ski abs 50 seonds - REST then repeat!

I go through all the moves once with you in the video below, but go for a  total of 1-2 for beginners, 2-3 intermediate, 3+ for advanced. I used a set of 7.5 lb dumbbells. For 3x thru, it will be 24 rounds, 30 seconds of ski ab hops side to side and 50 seconds of weighted work.Keep your form spot on and always contract your core and engage your abdominals! Go to your knees for the plank/push up work if you feel you are losing your abdominal contraction. Post your score and enjoy! Did you check out my BikiniReady series? Click here for my TOTAL BODY BLOWOUT, Bikiniready #1 workout! Click here for my Cardio Kick Burnout, Bikini Ready #2 workout! Click here for my Metabolic Blast, Bikini Ready #3 workout! Click here for my Pyramid Circuit, Bikini Ready #4 workout! Click here for my Core focus, Bikini Ready #5 workout!   Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? “LIKE” my Facebook page and check out my website as well!    

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