Upper Body Workouts for FAT LOSS

Quit wasting your time with isolated muscle training - the best upper body workouts for fat burning will use multiple muscle groups. Bicep curls and tricep extensions are just dandy, but not if you’re really trying to get the best fat burning workout. We already know that high intensity interval training burns crazy fat by revving your metabolism through short and fierce bouts of exercise, but it’s important to remember that compound movements are vital to the success of any HIIT training routine. If you want to get the best upper body workouts, you’re going to want to choose exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible - you want to get your heart pumping and sweat pouring. Here are a few of our favorite upper body workouts for fat loss: Push-ups: This classic move works your back, shoulders, triceps, chest as well as core. If push-ups are a breeze for you, get your lower body involved by jumping both your feet forward into a half-burpee at the top of every rep. If you really want to up the ante, do a full burpee with a push-up. Curl & Press: Combine a bicep curl and a shoulder press to target multiple muscle groups and get a killer upper body workout. Keep your core engaged to let your abs in on the action. Add a squat to get a lower body workout. Bent Over Row & Fly: Here’s another amazing combo. Alternate between a bent over row and a bent over fly to blast your back. Keep your core engaged, your back flat and your head lifted. Hit your hamstrings by adding a Romanian Deadlift. To perform a Romanian Deadlift, begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold your weight in front of you. Keeping your back flat and core engaged, hinge at your hips and lower your weights towards the floor. Maintain a soft bend in your knees and keep going down as far as you can without rounding out your back. How far you can go will depend on your flexibility. Only go as far as is comfortable. Stand back up, squeezing your glutes and jutting your hips forward as you come to the top. There are tons of other great upper body workouts out there. Be sure to check out today’s HIIT training workout to see what’s in store for you.

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