Upper Body Workouts: The Pull Over

Here’s one of the classic upper body workouts for you! The pullover works for back, chest, shoulders and triceps, and - if you want to up the ante - it can also strengthen your core.

You’re going to want to use resistance for this exercise, so grab a dumbbell, medicine ball, sandbag, Ugi Ball, T-Bar, sack of potatoes, your toddler - whatever you can use to add some weight and safely perform this amazing upper body workout.

Here’s how to execute a pullover:

Step 1:
Lie flat on your back on an elevated surface. Make sure your head is supported. A stable bench, chair or stool is good if you do not have a workout step or a weight bench. Hold your weight with both hands and extend your arms front of you so the weight is over your chest. You can lie flat across your bench, so your body is fully supported, or you can just place your upper back on the bench to get a core workout. If you do this squeeze your glutes up, up, up! You want your hips to be parallel with the floor and your shoulder. For even more of a challenge, raise your heels so you are on your toes. Want even MORE of a challenge? Use a stability ball to get the best full body workout.

Step 2:
Slowly lower your arms back over your head. Keep a slight bend in your elbows. Go as far as your range of motion comfortably allows. This might mean you stop when your arms are parallel with the floor, this might mean your weight is almost touching the floor. It depends on your flexibility and strength. Just listen to your body.

Step 3:
Slowly raise your arms back up so the weight is once again over your chest, squeezing your chest as you return to starting position. Repeat for 10-15 reps. If your butt is hanging off the bench throughout the exercise, make sure it stays up in the air. Engage your core and try not to let your butt drop to get the best core workout.

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