Do You Use Your Phone At The Gym? EWWW!

Experiments conducted at the University of Surry have discovered that your phone has about as much bacteria on it as the toilet seat at your local 7/11. The study doesn't  actually make the toilet seat comparison, but the images provided by the researchers show what appear to be a mix between alien larva and magic mushrooms colonizing the surface of the handset. iphone2 Students that participated in the study found that their phones were almost entirely covered in germs - particularly in areas where contact was made frequently - like the home button, or for those with slightly narcissistic tendencies the photo button - kinda gives the concept of your selfies going viral a whole new meaning. From a workout perspective, those that use interval timer apps on their phones to time their workouts might consider taking extra care to wipe excess sweat and moisture from the surface of their phones after handling them during training - especially if you are handling equipment at a public workout facility like a gym, where bacteria and germs abound. iphone3 Thankfully most of the bacteria was found to be mostly benign in nature, however Staphylococcus aureus was found in some samples which can cause infection. Bottom line - your phone holds far more than numbers, photos and data. Clean it often.  

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