Use Your Smart Phone to Lose Weight

Ugh...I suck at taking "selfies" apparently. "Me on weigh-in day. 09/18/2013"

Dietbet#3 is officially over. I even lost the last two pounds during my trip to San Francisco. That brings this months total to 8 lbs lost, 15 lbs total since June and about 35 lbs total since end of January. THIS. IS. HUGE.

By now you know I am not like all the other bodyrockers; I am mid-transformation. I feel really good. My focus is unchanged - being active, making better choices. Its not a quick fix, just small habit changes that have lead to a happier, healthier me.

Motivation, accountability and tracking my progress is what drives me. Funny enough, my iPhone has been a huge part of my success. I thought I would share what apps I use in hopes that you might take something away that you can use.

Dietbet provides motivation and accountability. I am incredibly competitive. Dangling that carrot in front of myface is key for me. Rules are as follows: Pick a game, put your money in (minimum being $10), submit weigh-in photos,  lose 4% of your total weight , submit weigh-out photos and split the pot with the rest of the winners. I've doubled by original bet and am currently playing two games.

I implemented myfitnesspal in August. It accelerated my weight loss and my personal accountability. I could see that my eating habits, while generally healthy, were slowing my ability to drop pounds. myfitnesspal taught me that on days that I work out, I need to replace the calories I lose, as long as I don't go over my calorie goal. The concept is simple, I don't even have to tell you how to use it. I will tell you I would love to have more friends from My username is natashashallbetter1 or you can find me by email .

Runtastic tracks my running but it will track nearly everything. The best part is I don't even have to put the numbers into myfitnesspal because runtastic will report my session to it for me (and Facebook). There is a lot of customization available with this application. I especially being able to see my run history, time myself during races and see my friends run history as well.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 1.47.48 PM

I don't even have to tell you how important this is. Without BodyRock to cross train me, I don't know how far along I would be. I am starting the Real Time 30 Day Challenge after this post goes in. You should too.

Moves started out as a fun way to look at my daily activity level. Now I use it to make sure I get some activity every day and correctly report my walking/running distances to myfitnesspal. I used it recently in San Francisco - walking 36 miles in one week.

Don't have a smart phone? Check out our Nutrition Guide Click here to check out our 14 Day Nutrition Guide and get the most out of your workouts!


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