Use These Foods to Make At-Home Natural Dyes

In a world where chemicals consume our everyday lives, it's always refreshing to bring it back to the basics and learn about ways to save money, save the earth and save our health. Reusing what we already have is a great place to start. Incorporating fruits and vegetables as opposed to chemicals? Even better! dye Next time you notice any of your fruits, vegetables or flowers going bad, think twice before you toss them out. Spinach, orange peels, lemon ends and more can be used to make at-home natural dyes that will save you a trip to the store, keep you from emptying your wallet, and allow you to make a new purpose for that once beautiful bouquet of flowers. You'll need:
  • Beet skins
  • Onion skins
  • Red cabbage leaves
  • Spinach
  • Orange peels
  • Small saucepans
What to do: 1. Take all your leftover fruits and veggies and set them aside for making your dyes. Make sure you have at least one chopped cup of each item. The natural colour of each is a close determiner of what dye you will get. dye 2. Over medium heat, add the chopped up fruit or vegetable to a small saucepan, covering with twice as much water as the ingredient. Then bring to a simmer for one hour. dye 3. Turn the heat off and allow the water to come to room temperature. Once cooled, strain the  dyes into glass containers. dye 4. In order to make coloured fabrics that last, place the desired clothing item in a fixative. Boil for one hour. Simmer the fabric in 1/4 cup salt and four cups water for fruit dyes, and one cup vinegar and four cups water for vegetable dyes. 5. After rinsing the article of clothing in cold water, let it soak in the natural dye until it reaches the colour you prefer. dye Have you ever tried this? Source: Popsugar

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